kitchen storage solution

IMG_3001This great pull out storage shelf system is the best solution to those ‘blind’ corner cabinets. The ‘peanut shell’ shape allows access to stuff that would normally be lost back inside the recess of the cabinet.

A successful remodel in Oakland


We think the input of our clients is critical to a successful remodel.  During a recent remodel project in Oakland, we encouraged the client, her designer and her dog to choose the layout of the limestone tiles for a fireplace. The tiles are laid out on the floor, as they would be installed vertically on the fireplace.










Wood adds warmth to this bathroom remodel.


A recent bathroom remodel in North Berkeley. The red cedar boards above the bathtub add warmth and texture. In contrast to the harder slicker surfaces of the tile and stone, the wood around the bathtub creates a sense of intimacy. Lay back and enjoy.

Reviews 2014

Few contractors have the skill, experience and integrity to match Stephen Swan and his company Swan Building. It comes as no surprise to me, and the many satisfied clients of this exemplary craftsman, that the company Stephen founded in 1987 was awarded the prestigious Best Remodeling Contractor in Oakland in 2014! Longevity and excellent: the true hallmarks of a quality contractor. – Brian Ripley

Stephen has an attention to detail that is rarely found in contractors these days. He is loyal, diligent, and gets the job done right the first time. I highly recommend him. – Doug Fuller

Why not recycle your kitchen cabinets and appliances.

Before you send your old kitchen to the landfill consider that someone might be able to reuse all your kitchen cabinets and appliances?  You may not want them anymore, but someone else might be able to reuse or re-purpose them.

We carefully dismantled this 15 year old kitchen in Berkeley CA with reuse in mind. Every item was carefully removed and placed on the street for pick up by Habitat for Humanity  Re Stores

For low income families building or remodeling their homes this is a great resource.  My clients got the satisfaction of seeing their old kitchen help others and avoid the landfill. They also got a tax write off for the value of the donation. It’s a win win situation if you are willing to make the effort.

Modern Kitchen Display Shelves for a Berkeley Client

A great way to bring in more light and sense of space in a kitchen is to create an interior window. In this case, on a recently completed kitchen remodel in Berkeley CA, the talented architects at Sogno Design Group designed a beautiful window with an inspired shelf pattern. This is above a prep sink opens into an interior hall and stairway. Its a great way to display your favorite things.

Need Space? Get a Custom Cutlery Drawer for your Kitchen

How wants to spend a lot of money on new kitchen cabinets and settle for plastic trays that don’t fit your cutlery? We helped our clients on a recently completed kitchen remodel in Berkeley CA, by building them a custom wood cutlery drawer organizer. Cut outs in the wood dividers make it easier to pull out the knives, spoons and forks.